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When it comes to a divorce, there really is nothing simple about the process. Emotions are usually running a bit high and it's hard to get a good handle on things with all the stress surrounding the situation.


Let us help make things a little easier for you. Call Cornerstone Appraisal Services and we'll make the property evaluation process simple and stress-free for you. With us, you'll always know where you and your assets stand.

Let us make your divorce a little easier

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Divorces can get ugly, especially when it comes to dividing up a couple's assets. Not only are you looking for the monetary value of the property, but there's usually a fair amount of emotional value tied in as well.


Let us be an unbiased third party to help you get the information that you need about your property. With an accurate appraisal, you can ensure that you get a fair share in the settlement and you'll also learn whether you need to sell your home or how much your home might be worth if you keep it. Divorce is difficult. Let us make the settlement appraisal easy.

Take some of the headache out of your divorce

Call today to set up an appointment for an accurate appraisal for divorce settlements.


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Our experts can provide your with valuable advice on whether you should sell your home or use it as a negotiating tool, depending on the value of your property. Trust us to give you the assistance you need. With the right kind of finance guidelines, you can walk away from your appraisal with all the facts you need.